Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finished Blanket Gallery

Hi Everyone!:)

This is a gallery of our finished blankets for Warm Woolies...

Our Blankets are VERY much appreciated!!


Lovingly Hand-Knit by Antoneta and MuvverDawn in order of appearance

Over the Rainbow

Lovingly Hand-Knit by Ladylou, Nostash2big, Lyntintin, Tuxedocat, Cocoaeyes and MuvverDawn in order of appearance, starting with Red

Cuddle Bug Blue

Lovingly Hand-Knit by Ladylou

Baby Blue Sunshine

Lovingly Hand-Knit by Ladylou

Flower Garden
lovingly hand-knit by gmmarton, ladylou, onb4050, kayrun, kellee0302, and tuxedocat, in order of appearance (starting at the light green). All the knitters agreed to do the same stitch on this blanket.:)

Life's A Beach
Lovingly Handknit by MuvverDawn, Lyntintin, Ladylou, Zannie and Jdee in order of appearance, starting with the tan section on the right.

Crochet Cuteness

Violet Hills
Handknit by: clementine1, tuxedocat, jdee, nostash2big, and sallytic

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hi There Ya'll!

This will be an ongoing post of our progress on the Warm Woolies Oddball Baby Blankets! I'm very excited to be starting this project and while we have the advantage of being a small group, please invite your knitter and crocheter friends to help out!:) The more blankets for children in need, the better.

So, here is the boring part. (the rules;) )

1. Please do your portion of the blanket within 3 weeks.

2. Use doubled up worsted weight yarn. (I have yarn to provide for you in a range of colors if you don't have the means or want to use your own yarn... please do not be afraid to ask for it!:) )

3. Use %100 acrylic or an acrylic/wool blend. This does not have to be machine-washable... the orphanage in Russia that receives these blankets does not even have running water, let alone a washing machine.

4. When the blanket comes to you, the needles will already be included in the package and life on the needles. Knit with a different color yarn for 3-5 inches...the bigger the warmer!

5. You can use whatever pattern you like best as long as it is warm! No yarn overs, stockinette stitch, or ribbing is best for the baby:)

6. Do your last row on the blanket on the right side (this way the color change is on the wrong side)

7. Some of the blankets have a 3 stitch garter stitch border at the beginning and end of every row. If your blanket has this, please continue it:)

8. Some knitters enjoy sending goodies for the next knitter in the package. Feel free to do this but most certainly don't feel obligated! Your love, time and yarn is all that matters!

If you are starting a blanket:

CO 110sts using size 10 (9-11 is acceptable:) ) needles. Use doubled up yarn and knit until you are satisfied with what you have completed. Your last row should be on the right side of the blanket. Send the blanket live on the needles to the next knitter (pm Ladylou if you don't have the address) in a plastic bag of some kind to help protect the blanket from the elements:)

If you are finishing a blanket:

Knit until you are satisfied with what you have completed. CO in whatever method works for you. If you would like to add a crochet border, please do so! After the blanket is finished, send to Ladylou (pm for address if you need it:) )

Please check out the project that these blankets are going to at: . It really is a fantastic mission, and all of the items are given to children who would otherwise not be clothed or kept very warm (hypothermia, from what I have read, is shockingly common and infant death rate is extremely high. This mission is to help stop this tragedy in its tracks. Saving the World One Stitch At A Time!)

Thank you so much for your help and I hope you're doing well!



Blues and Purples (bias blanket):

1. Katinkat
2. semunger
3. Jdee
4. Open!
5. Open!
6. Open!

Peachy Dreams

1. LBECK-completed!:D
2. McKnitty-completed!:D
3. onb4050 -hunting the mailman
4. cocoaeyes
5. Lyntintin^

6. meggin

Pretty In Pink

1. MuvverDawn-completed!:D

2. nostash2big-completed!:D

3. Knittymuggins-completed!:D

4. tuxedocat - working on it now

5. Lyntintin

6. cocoaeyes

Barney and Kermit

1. sallytic - completed!:D
2. clementine1-completed!:D

3. Frostyjr77- completed!:D

4. nostash2big-completed!:D

5. MuvverDawn-hunting the mailman

6. Ladylou

Autumn Leaves

1. Clementine1

2. Tuxedocat
3. MuvverDawn

4. Frostyjr77

5. sallytic

6. meggin


1. Frostyjr77-completed!:D

2. MuvverDawn-completed!:D

3. Clementine1-completed!:D

4. Lyntintin -working on it now
5. Knittymuggins

6. jdee

Should Be Sweater - BLANKET COMPLETED!

1. Antoneta
2. Clementine1

Forest Green (three knitter blanket)

1. Antoneta-completed!:D
2. Frostyjr77-working on it now

3. MuvverDawn

1 and 2. Frostyjr77 - completed!:D
3. sallytic - completed!:D
4. clementine1 - completed!:D
5. Zannie - working on it now
6. jdee

Under The Sea
1. Tuxedocat

2. Frostyjr77

3. MuvverDawn

4. Jdee

5. Lyntintin

6. meggin

Jelly Beans

1. jdee-completed!:D

2. Frostyjr77-working on it now

3. katinkat

4. Knittymuggins

5. Lyntintin

6. Meggin

1. semunger
2. nayknitter
4. Jdee
5. katinkat
6. Frostyjr77
7. Ladylou

Bias #2

1. semunger


3. Jdee

4. nayknitter

5. Frostyjr77

6. Open!

7. Open!

Easter Egg Hunt

1. Jdee
2. knittymuggins
3. Nayknitter
4. Meggin
5. Katinkat
6. Semunger

Chocolate Indulgence
1. Jdee
2. Lyntintin
3. Knittymuggins
4. Nayknitter
5. Meggin
6. Semunger


We are now also collecting 7x7 squares, following the same rules! If you like square knitting instead of oddball or are located (far) outside of the U.S. , please consider this option, as it helps just as much! 12 squares makes a blanket, so every square REALLY helps!:D